Whatever the weather

Today it snowed. And then it rained, all day.

The temperature shifted up a notch from -1 to +1 but in reality there was no noticeable difference.

At Kara Tepe we met George, who filled us in on a thing or two. He is part of UNHCR – manned fully by volunteers. They hand out clothing and sleeping bags to refugees before they are allocated a plastic hut while they wait for registration, or a ferry. George and his companions operate out of a hut too- whatever the weather.



Kara Tepe Refugee Camp – can’t help but make you think…



Here there are several large NGO’s working together to make things happen. It’s complicated and I apologise if I haven’t got this quite right, but the camp has about 150 plastic temporary shelters. Samaritains Purse have made wooden flooring to help insulate from the cold and installed Calor Gas heaters. Oxfam ship in food for up to 150 families each day, and Action Aid and Save the Children also provide services and facilities including toilets, showers and counselling.


But it’s still freezing.



And it’s still a camp.


We stood and watched the sea.


IMG_6693.jpgBut no boats came.


There is a  chapel – St Nicolas – close to one of the landing points.

But  no-one is there


Just candles.

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